Dating Tips for Men from The Pickup Artist: How to Be More Social

Dating Tips for Men from The Pickup Artist: How to Be More Social

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The book will teach you social skills and how to improve your social life and social circle. It also discusses dating advice for men.

Dating Skillset:
Social Skills
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Simeon The Pickup Artist 2Stan Baldman

Learning Format:
Price: $17.77
Release Date:
December 28, 2011

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- Introduction
- Introduction to Social Circles: Prom Kings and Dance Queens
- Social Circle Foundations
- How to Get Started Increasing Your Social Value
- Social Connectors - The Keystone to Circle Building
- How to stick to them and become one
- Have a plan
- Keep it all organized
- Use tools to help you succeed
- Use social media
- Go that extra mile
- Keep in touch
- The Alpha Male Primer
- Priciples for the social game
- Radiate a tempered confidence in groups
- Look and feel your best when you go out in public
- Be dressed to kill all the time
- Use accessories
- Spend a little extra
- Do not be cheap
- Have a life of your own
- Succeed in what you do, be an achiever
- If you are not a leader
- Do not complain
- A step-by-step guide to building your social circle
- To master your social circle strategy
- Do you walk like a somebody?
- Where do you look?
- Use the 'Sticky Eye' technique
- Play the Lasso Game
- Talk with your head while looking in the eye
- Are you connecting?
- Pay attention
- Patterning
- Eliciting values by parroting
- The unquestionable rules in social dating and why you can not break them
- Rule 1: It all starts with a frame of mind
- Rule 2: Make it your lifetime goal to find, interact and befriend connectors
- Rule 3: Socialize positively and be with those who think like you do
- Rule 4: You have to constantly add value to your core group and become a connector yourself
- Rule 5: Be where the best are
- Reverse pursuit - how to attract women to you
- Terrific ideas to pull women to you
- Ignore their very presence
- Be where the women are
- Make friends with all women
- The ultimate anti-LJBF (Let's Just Be Friends)
- Do not let this happen to you ever
- Acting like a girl-friend to your girl insteadof being a man
- Master the art of body language
- Raise the heat
- Bust her balls, tease her and treat her like a kid
- Do not compliment her on her looks blindly
- Call your shots
- Always be busy
- Mystery and unpredictability works wonders on women
- Conclusion: It's all about you

What You Get:

Paperback (102 pages)

Guarantee / Terms:


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