Dating Skills Academy
Here's what this is all about...

    One Purpose - Results with Women as Fast as Possible

  • Fact #1: Do you know why no matter what we do most men fail to learn how to get results with women? It is not because they didn't study the best techniques or systems. It's purely because it took too long, they got demotivated and gave up.

    Dating systems and techniques have a flaw in their design. They miss the fact that you need to see real results quickly... or you will give up. Willpower and motivation is limited. No man can escape this reality.

  • The rapid results approach that will keep your motivation high - and you moving with the least effort and struggle towards your end goal.
  • The "Get Out of a Motivation Ditch" escape plan (a back up plan designed to make sure no man gets left behind... including you... no matter what).
  • Simple to Actually DO IT in Real Life

  • Fact #2: You are failing to get good at this because you are using overly complicated systems and advice that, looks cool on paper, but is very hard to implement in your real everyday life.
  • Simplicity is King. In the Dating Skills Academy you will learn only the 20% that has 80% real world results impact. Everything else has been eliminated. If it wasn't simple enough for anyone to implement - it's gone. You will not find anything simpler anywhere - guaranteed - and that's why it works for you - it works for everyone.
  • Put an End to Your Confusion about Women

  • Fact #2: You are confused because you are given advice that is confused. Popular dating systems and advice are confusing you. Dating System A says one thing, Dating System B says the exact opposite. How can they both work?
  • You are an individual. You have a personality, weaknesses and strengths. Generic "cookie cutter" advice cannot always apply to you - just sometimes. The personalized advice in Dating Skills Academy directly targets your weaknesses, takes advantage of your strengths (and will get you results in weeks, not years).
  • Fact #3: You are confused because you don't know which of the 24 women skills you are weak in (until you know, you are learning blind).
  • What if... there was a tool that analyzed you and told you exactly which skills you, personally, need to work on, to get results quickly? It's called the Dating Skills Calibrator - it took us 5 years to develop and test to perfection. But now it's here - and will open your eyes. Just this tool, on its own, is "revolutionizing" how men learn about women.
  • Why is this the Unchallenged Best and Most Effective Course Available Today?

  • We are huge fans of all the recommended courses in our Editor's Choice section of the best of the best. One thing is very clear when you move down that list - no one has all the answers. The best courses tackling the different challenges you have to overcome to get your dating life working for you come from different people - and very different communities. Mostly we find that someone who specializes in one topic and comes from a community that specializes in that topic has the best quality and most effective course. But they know little about other areas or challenges that men face.
  • What this means: The Dating Skills Academy approach is to leverage the best courses and make sure you get the most out of them.
  • Who is the "Badass Ultimate Authority" of Dating, Sex and Relationships?

  • The Dating Skills Review team, together, has 35+ years teaching this. We have been the undisputed authority on what really works with women since 2009. We've seen, tested, and studied more systems, techniques and approaches than everyone else in "dating" put together.
  • Our editors are 'results qualified'. They all have over 10 years experience studying and practicing in field. They all have real results with women putting them in the top 1% of men.
  • Our editors are also experienced teachers. They have been coaching men on dating, sex and relationships for over 10 years. Each one of them started coaching men in or before 2003, 5 years before most of the other coaches you may have heard even appeared.. or picked up a book to learn about the subject.
  • Bonus Coaching Call: Real One-on-One Expert Support

  • Everyone who joins the Academy during the Early Adopter Program launched in April gets a free 30 minute audit coaching call with Angel Donovan, Founding Editor of DSR and host of the Dating Skills Podcast.

    Angel will review your details and tell you exactly what you need to do to get results - no messing around. This one call could save you years of chasing the wrong solutions.

  • Note: This coaching call is only being included for the Early Adopter Program into Dating Skills Academy. Angel is doing this so that he can make sure that everyone who joins in the first round gets the best experience possible and results quickly. Since the Dating Skills Academy is a new offer for us, Angel felt he had to be really hands-on with the first round of students. He's a bit maniacal like that ;-) As soon as you sign up to Dating Skills Academy you schedule the call with Angel Donovan.

What You Get

And here is what you will get as soon as you buy Dating Skills Academy:
The system is a combination of (A) 'execution' methods taught to you in video trainings and (B) tools that will do some of the hardest work for you.

  1. Accelerated Results System: In these video trainings, I, Angel Donovan, take you step by step through the exact learning formula that translates to getting rapid results with women.

    You'll learn why 'how we learn' makes the difference between the guys who make it, and those who don't, and how it gets you results within weeks (not years).

    Lastly, and most importantly, I'll give you the 5 simple rules you need to put into practice daily to get these accelerated results.

  2. Dating Skills Blueprint: The exact map of everything you need to learn in extreme detail. The blueprint shows you in crazy, yet simple, detail what skills you need to learn and how each skillset leads to results. The real value here is that I will demystify everything, and list out the signs that you are weak in each skill area. This allows you to pinpoint where you are going wrong and why - simply, and shows you exactly what you need to learn.

    In short, it answers your everyday questions like: What is it about attracting women I'm doing wrong? Why do women often ignore me when I approach? Why did she stop responding to my text? etc.

    The Dating Skills Blueprint is made super efficient when you use our "Skills Assessment" tool (I'll explain how this tool works for you in a minute). You don't need to study all the dating skills to get results. In fact you get results quicker when you focus on exactly the skill that is currently in the way of your results.

  3. Bulletproof Willpower: The biggest challenge you face in your journey to your ideal dating lifestyle is keeping up your drive and motivation. This is especially true as you take your first steps. Changing your behaviors and acquiring new skills is challenging no matter which area of your life you are looking at - dating is no different.

    Most men fail because they get demotivated and give up too quickly - or don't have the willpower to do what is necessary. I designed the bulletproof willpower training to eliminate this problem. It will teach you how to build the willpower you need to persevere through the unavoidable mini-failures on this journey, and to take the actions required to get results.

    This may not seem important to you right now, but I guarantee this module makes all the difference for most men. This is where men really fail.

  4. The Toolbox: Innovative tools we've built to actually "Do Some of the Work" for you. We can't learn the skills for you, but we've done the closest thing possible. By using the toolbox you eliminate a lot of the thinking and indecision - you will get told exactly what you have to do next. It doesn't get easier than this.
    1. Skills Assessment: When you enter the membership site you will immediately be asked to walk through the Skills Assessment tool, answering a set of simple questions, so that it can reveal your weaknesses, your strengths and the exact training modules you will need to study first.... Later when you have completed a module, you will use the calibrator again to tell you what your next step is.
    2. Dating Tracker: How do you know when good is good enough? Simple - when you've hit our benchmarks. We know exactly what is good enough, what isn't, and what is awesome. All it will take to tell you 'how good you are' and where you need to work on your skills most, is collecting a few simple data points about your dating activities.

      This tool is a game changer because it's hard to be objective about our own dating lives and experiences with women - this is where you make mistakes. But the data doesn't lie - and this tool will tell you exactly how you compare to men with good skills that get results.

  5. Mastery Training: This video training module is the final piece, and is only activated once you have reached the advanced levels. It contains the principles that take men from good with women to exceptional. It includes closely held secrets of the top experts of the world - information that was previously only available inside mastermind discussions between the experts themselves.

What This Is Not

The Academy is not a training program that gives you more techniques and advice on how to meet and attract women and improve your sex and relationships.

It's a system we have designed to implement the best of the best advice (the top courses) effectively - as quickly as possible. It's about IMPLEMENTATION. Because this is what is missing from the world. Showing you how to actually "Make it Happen".

Reinventing someone else's excellent course would have had no positive impact on the world or YOU. We focused on what we've seen matters. Helping you to actually put the best advice into practice and make it work for you.

How to Get Into the Academy?

Dating Skills Academy is going live on 15th August.

We will take in a set of Early Adopters (maximum 50 people) into the service on this day.

When everything has been fully tested with those people, it will go live for everyone. We expect that to be 2 to 4 months after the Early Adopter Program starts.

If you would like us to notify you when the Early Adopter program is open, and keep you updated on the Academy, enter your email below: