Coping With a Small Penis

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Coping With a Small Penis

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This ebook is about how a young man coping with penis size issues and how he used his "lack of size" to his advantage. This story was written and relates to men feeling better about his penis size and masculinity.

This story aims at helping to reverse negative thought patterns about the male organ. It also contains links to penis enlargement products and resources.

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Inner Game/ Confidence
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Dating to Relating
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Dr. Dating

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Price: $7.00
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January 01, 2007

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- How he triumphed over bullies as a child
- His sexual experiences despite his lack of size
- How his life in the army related to his worries about penis size
- Seeing many doctors help him with his condition while growing up

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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"Absolute Non-sense"

I am so pissed man. First of all, its a 21 page book (for which they charged me $7) out of which, the first 4 pages are just info about their company.

In the next 17 pages, there is a sad story about a man having a micro-penis. At many levels the story seemed made-up, although I tried to keep an open mind and believe it. Even if it is true, the book is still crap. The whole story was about him getting bullied (which could have been summed up in one paragraph). His sexuality is still not clear and other than one incident, there is no "sexcapades".

All it did was tell a sad story and it didn't do anything to motivate me at all.

It was a dull story with no advice.

Plus the links for penis enlargement are just advertisements.

Worst book ever.
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