Conversation Camp

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Conversation Camp

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This program will re-build your communication habits to leave you smoother, funnier and more socially adept.

Dating Skillset:
Approaching Women•Attracting Women
Dating Company:
Charisma Arts
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
Juggler (Wayne Elise)

Learning Format:
Dating Coaching
- Specialized Coaching
Price: $2,300.00
Release Date:
January 01, 2000
Available in Following Cities:
Ann Arbor (US)•Seattle (US)•Sydney (Australia)

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

- Make a conversation about any topic
- Guide conversations towards a positive outcome
- Relate quickly to strangers
- Learn how to charm groups of people
- Begin conversations on solid ground
- Understand and use the "three perspectives" effectively
- Escalate conversations towards a desired outcome
- Learn engaging storytelling technique
- Direct others without creating resentment
- Inspire people to open up to you
- Make people laugh
- Create the vacuum that compels others to make an effort
- Understand conversational ball control
- Deal with conversational surprises
- Control and project positive vibes
- Weave dramatic tension into your conversations

What You Get:

2 days of training

Guarantee / Terms:


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