How to Buy Dating Coaching and Maximize Value for your Dollars

Buying coaching services and getting the value you want from them is more complicated than other products because of the interpersonal nature of them. Having said that, coaching is by far the quickest and most effective way to improve your dating skills. This has been proven time and time again by the success of students of dating masters. Style, himself, was only able to develop his skillset so fast through personal coaching from some of the leading masters of the time (Mystery, Ross Jeffries, etc.).

In this article we outline principles of best practice for users who are interested in buying coaching products. First, however, we need to explain the value you can expect from these services.

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Men Who Become Obsessive About Dating Advice and Dating Women

Many of us have unhealthy obsessions or addictions in our lives. Whether it be alcohol, partying, caffeine, junk food or... sex and women.

This article is about the latter, and where men let dating women become an obsession that sabotages the rest of their lives.

It shouldn't be surprising that this is a possible consequence of learning to get better with women.

President Clinton risked an affair with a woman and sabotaged his presidency. Tiger Woods sacrificed his brand name image, and millions of dollars of income through his pursuit of women.

Most of us have a lot less to lose. If driven and successful men like these can do it when so much is at stake, what hope does the average guy have of avoiding it?

Dating Advice = Opportunities = Temptation = Distraction

As we get better with women, we have more power and control over this part of our lives, and more enticing opportunities come our way.

Dating advice is today playing a huge role in improving the options of thousands if not millions of men at this point. When it does this, it gives them these more enticing opportunities, and I've seen, as have many of the guys who have known about dating advice for a long time, that this power can corrupt lives.

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Dating Bootcamps - How Do the Most Expensive and Cheapest Compare with the Best Student Feedback

Dating coaching can cost you big bucks these days. Fortunately, the reported results and success that students attribute to it can be spectacular too. A few thousand dollars doesn't seem like much when it transforms your dating life and makes you happy. However, it really sucks spending that money when you don't get those results.

Every guy looking to buy a particular dating coaching bootcamp must ask himself this question:

"Will it be good value for my investment of time and money?

We delved into the Dating Skills Review database to get some insights into this question. The results come from 133 dating coaching services and 198 user reviews of them.

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Introduction to Dating Coaching: Bootcamps, 1-on-1s, Virtual Coaching, Seminars and More…

Dating coaching can be many things. This article cuts through the blur of the coaching services offered by dating coaches to give you a clear understanding of what each of the formats, what they are generally composed of and their uses.

There are literally hundreds of names and terms used, but don’t let that fool you. Dating coaching isn’t so complicated. Before we introduce you to the six ‘coaching types’ you have to choose from, there’s an important distinction to make.

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Direct vs Indirect Approaches to Attracting Women which is Best


A debate has been going on for a long time in "dating advice for men" circles: when talking to women, should you use a direct method (just tell her you like her and take it from there) or an indirect way (just ask a neutral question and tell stories first)?

Is it better to be natural, focus on having fun and attract her with your cool vibe? (the way suggested by Real Social Dynamics, Paul Janka, Vin DiCarlo, Zan Perrion, Charisma Arts, etc)

Or should you have a strict game plan to follow and strategize every step of the way? (the way suggested by Love Systems, Venusian Arts, Mehow, etc)

At, we have an informed opinion on the matter, because we have reviewed a lot of the products out there (and have been in the game for years ourselves). We believe some key facts have been missing from the debate so far.

First, you need to separate the effectiveness in learning from the effectiveness in applying the advice.

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