Best Phone and Text Game

Best Phone and Text Game

The Most Popular Phone and Text Game Advice Ranked

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Chief Editor

Last Updated: 16 May 2013

The biggest trend in dating advice for the year 2010 was "Phone and Text Game".

Dating coaches jumped on the topic to bring out a lot of advice on helping men to improve their texting and phoning women skills - and ultimately make sure that phone numbers you collect from women turn into dates and meet ups rather than frustration from girls not answering your calls and messages.

From just a couple of advice products at the start of 2010, the range of advice you could choose from shot up to 23 titles just by the end of 2011! And then late comers have continued to bring out their products since then...

That's plenty to choose from. But beware. A lot of the texting women / phoning women guides have rehashed material from other products, and others provide low quality advice that is more likely to cause you more frustration than help you as you'll see from our editor's reviews and rankings. Our editor ratings range all the way from Poor right up to Excellent.

DSR Editors' Ranking of "Phone and Text Game" Advice


Best Phone and Text Game

The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game
by Love Systems (Braddock & Mr. M)

"Comprehensive and Innovative Advice. Best in Class for Texting and Phoning Women."

Pretty much everyone, no matter who you are will get a lot of value from this product. I would be very surprised if it didn't improve your results in some way.

Beginners and even intermediates will get a whole system to follow, while guys of an advanced level will find new things to try out and apply to what they are already doing to take it to new levels.

This is a great product, which clears up a lot of the uncertainty of what to do with numbers. It was high time someone tackled this frustration point for guys properly - Awesome!


8.9   Excellent

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Best Phone and Text Game

Magnetic Messaging
by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio)

"Solid Guide For Beginners On Mastering Text Game."

This is a good product for beginners who want to learn a more playful and attractive way to text women.

It covers a wide range of scenarios that you’ll find yourself confronted with at some point.

If you’re at the stage where you’re getting phone numbers but girls aren't returning your texts or you're not getting many dates, this is definitely worth a look.


8.0   Excellent

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Best Phone and Text Game

Text Game (Janka Method)
by Janka Method (Paul Janka)

"Extremely Simple to Follow High Quality Advice. Aims for Efficiency not Mastery."

The simply applied advice in this book will be particularly good for you if you are new to dating advice. Just make sure that you are okay with Janka's mindset.

If you are experienced, and feel texting and phoning is still complicated, you should also consider getting this - Janka does an excellent job of pointing you to the most important things.

Beginners and even intermediates will get a whole system to follow, while guys of an advanced level will find new things to try out and apply to what they are already doing to take it to new levels.


7.9   Very Good

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flake elimination toolkit

Flake Elimination Toolkit
by Sinns of Attraction (Sinn - Jonathan Lee)

"Excellent Advice - But No Effort to Package it Properly for Students"

If you have been in the pick up artist community for a while, understand the jargon etc. and you are good at learning and implementing with less hand holding. Get this. It will work for you.

If this isn't your situation, stick with some of the better structured guides that will hand hold you through the learning process.


6.7   Good

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Guys Guide to Texting

Guys Guide to Texting
by David Wygant

"Pretty Good Simple Beginners Advice to Get Started with Texting."

OK product, but a little too 'thrown together' to be great.

It contains some simple advice for beginners on ways to interact via text and the mindset you need to have towards it.

However, the advice is too basic to provide a full solution to help you completely resolve your challenges with texting.


5.7   Average

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The Text and Phone Game

The Text and Phone Game
by Kezia Noble

"Good Advice on What Not to Do, Not so Good On Advice of What to Do"

Interesting because of the female perspective tips here and there, especially on what not to do.

However, a lot of material is unoriginal and it includes many less than effective examples.


4.3   Mediocre

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ultimate texting guide tips to texting

Ultimate Texting Guide
by Tips to Texting (Tyler Tray)

"Disappointing. Doesn't Live Up to it's Purpose or Title."

The ultimate texting guide doesn't hit the spot. It is really cheap at under $15, but that isn't going to help you.

It packages a lot of generic, and sometimes dated, dating advice. However it doesn't really offer much pure advice on texting.

So it ends up being not very good at anything.


2.9   Poor

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Background Introduction into Texting and Phoning Women

If you are new to the whole texting and phoning women thing, take a moment to read through this introduction before you check out the rankings and reviews. It explains the background behind text and phone game, how the advice aims to help you and the specific skills products in this area focus on helping you build. So, you meet a girl and you fall in love. Or at least feel kind of attracted to her. You want to see her again, so you do what any aspiring lover does - you take her phone number.

And here starts a really huge misconception among men today. That the phone number is a big deal. In this day and age it isn't.

Men, like Paul Janka have demonstrated through empirical field testing that getting HUGE piles of women's phone numbers is really not a big deal. Janka's industrial approach of getting a phone number in a few minutes led him to collect well over 2,000 numbers from gorgeous women at his own estimates. That does not mean that all of the numbers came to anything. In Janka's case his approach leads to meeting around 25% of those women again. And he has a reputation as a competent dating coach.

For less experienced men the situation is much harder. They may have got very few women's numbers and met relatively few. Their number to meet 'conversion rate' is often as bad as 5% or a lot less (that's 20 numbers for every 1 girl you end up meeting again). The difference between meeting a woman again after getting her phone number or not is called "Flaking". Or otherwise known as a woman "Flaking on you".

This basically means she stops returning your messages, phone calls and/ or doesn't turn up to a planned date with you - with the end result that she doesn't end up in some kind of romance with you. Yes, that's right, for romance, you have to meet again :)

So, "Flaking" has been found to be HUGE. It's a sticking point for many men, and so it was unsurprising to see that many of the dating coaches brought out their own guides to help you navigate the subject and prevent the girl 'flaking on you'.

So, get one thing straight. The purpose of getting a girl's phone number is to meet her again and as a consequence create an opportunity for romance and attraction to develop. That's it. If you don't meet the girl again, that phone number is completely worthless to you. You've wasted your time.

With this in mind if you wanted to learn how to not waste your time and make that number of that beautiful girl amount to something whose advice should you follow? Check out the rankings above and delve into the reviews to find out...

Note: We have yet to review the guides listed below. This in no way reflects badly (or goodly) on them. They are simply not evaluated. Our editors are review products based on their popularity and requests we receive to review them. That way we serve you best! So if there is a guide below you would like to see a review of you can put your vote in by clicking to go to its product page and clicking the 'request review' link at the top of the page where the editor's rating would usually appear. We take those votes into account when setting priorities in the review schedule.

Thanks for your patience - you know we're working our asses off!


Angel Donovan - Chief Editor DSR