Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes

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Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes

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"So Bad We Cringed"


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The Good: The "three points of attention" part wasn't bad, however it isn't original.
The Bad: Misogynistic, rude and just plain bad advice. Advanced guys will laugh in disbelief, and god help the beginners who would try to act on it.
The Bottom Line: Stay away from this product, it is so bad it made us cringe.


Out of the box?
I'm going to make this review short because the product isn't worth spending a lot of time on.

Now, let me introduce this review by saying this:

Firstly, I'm not one to be easily shocked and I have a very broad experience with pick up material, as a student, coach, and editor on this site. It's fair to say I'm very open to new ideas and material that is a bit "out there".

(For example, I love the Sex God Method ebook, which teaches you dominance in and out of the bedroom. I also value Paul Janka's material a lot, even though his approach is considered a bit insane by many.)

Secondly, as I started reviewing this programme, I didn't expect to get politically correct advice - it is called Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes, after all. Most guys definitely need their male attitude awakened, so I have no problem with that.

BUT...the "dominant attitudes" taught in this particular programme are not just "out of the box", they are creepy, bad and misleading.

Most of the ridiculously bad advice comes from Steve P.

Now, Steve P. is not totally clueless and we gave a good review to his White Tiger Tantra product.

Here though, he doesn't shine, to say the least.

Through the programme, Steve P. makes several comments about women being bitches that should shut the fuck up and do as they are told.

I stopped counting the references and suggestions on slapping girls across the face with your cock - apparently, something Steve is quite obsessive about.

There is also a bit about loudly shouting "CUNT" to your girl in public places. A recommended strategy, demonstrated enthusiastically by Steve P. himself, shouting at the top of his lungs.

All of this is told without irony and in all seriousness. Students (and Hypnotica himself) laugh nervously in the background.

The general vibe of the teaching is just wrong. There is a way to be dominant that is playful, fun and mutually agreed upon, and this is not it.

Add to that the ridiculous Bandler impersonations and cringe-worthy "hypnosis sessions", and it's a wrap.

I hope that no beginners will ever try to apply this advice. Please do not shout "CUNT" in a crowded supermarket. It won't make you cool. Or dominant. Or loved by your girl. Trust me on this.

There are simply too many great products out there to bother with this one. Check out our Top 10 Ranking of products if you need ideas.

If you are specifically looking for dominance products (and there is nothing wrong with that), I highly recommend the Sex God Method, which was reviewed by my fellow editor Angel Donovan. I totally agree with his positive reviews. Now THAT is a product that provides life-changing information on dominance, but delivered cleanly and with the right boundaries, so you don't start thinking that treating your girl like a bitch is a good idea in everyday life.

You can see Angel's review of the book here, or see his review of The VIP program. You can't go wrong with either one.

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Product Information

'Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes' is a part of the 'Becoming A Powerful Man Series'. You will learn how to be dominant male by building a strong link within yourself, your identity, and your behaviors.

Bonuses include:
- Bravo's Online Game 1.0 - Hypnotica On Maintaining Motivation - Steve P's Secret To Talking To Women On The Phone

Dating Skillset:
Attracting Women
Dating Company:
School of Steve P
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Learning Format:
eBook•Download (Audio)•Download (Video)
Price: $497.00
Release Date:
January 01, 2010

Did we miss any relevant features of this course? Tell us what we missed or tell us about price changes.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Part 1:
- Introduction and Trance
- Tapping Into Your Masculine Energy
- Goal Setting
- Shifting Internal Dialogue
- 3 Points of Attention & Soul Gazing

Part 2:
- Getting Control of Your Thoughts (Trance)
- Setting Your Intention and Having Fun
- Coming From A Place of Power
- Getting Control Of Your Relationships
- Changing Beliefs (Trance)
- Question & Answer Session

Part 3:
- Rock Out! - Change Work LIVE
- Scrooge (Trance)
- Pushing Your Bubble
- Raise Your Voice, Raise Your Energy
- Take Your Change (Trance)

What You Get:

Downloadable package

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"I enjoyed the program"

I have been a fan and indirectly (through products) a consumer and student of Steve Piccus and Hypnotica's teaching since 2005. Steve's approach is quite controversial, and from my perspective more along the line of "crazy wisdom". Steve's style is not for everyone. Steve's approach is more like shock induction, and he opens the door into his world. If you don't like it...he will gladly kick you out as well.

Considering the background of Steve...his practices are more along the line of breaking someone out of their shell. Having experienced radical change work over the generally will settle and return back to the core of who they are.

I enjoyed several laughs watching this program. Steve does charge quite a bit of coin for his products, but I luckily took advantage of the reduced rate of the product(which was half the retail) at the time of introduction.

You will not find...mainstream, normative, style advice it this product. It is quite RAW, and I like it. As a man of color, I never had hyper masculine white male role models in my life. Products like this is glimpse of their experience and work.
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