20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women

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20 Ways To Meet Hotter Women

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This course has been replaced by the more recent Undercover Approaches Women Crave.

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Product Information

This program shows men how to meet women in different situations they encounter and understand the simple, fun idea behind each approach. It also teaches men how to create their own line opening style.

The program attempts to bypass some of the pickup industry "nonsense" to:

- Help men eliminate their hesitation in approaching women
- Give men uncomplicated approaches to figuring out what to say to a woman
- Offer strategies that work

The program focus on the idea of avoiding approach and interaction mistakes by finding out what a woman wants.

MP3 bonuses include:

- Live In Field Approaches Part 1
- Live In Field Approaches Part 2
- A "Cafe Ole!"
- Double Your Options with Women
- The Open House Secret

Dating Skillset:
Approaching Women
Dating Company:
David Wygant Inc.
Experience Level(s):
Dating Coach/ Author:
David Wygant

Learning Format:
Download (Audio)
Product No Longer Available.
Release Date:
January 01, 2009

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Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Types of Approaches:
- The tic tac toe approach
- The grocery store checkout approach
- The coffee shop question approach
- The flight vs. invisibility approach
- The cell phone vibration approach
- The ummm last night was great approach
- The scent/fragrance approach
- The power of smell / hot perfume approach
- The do you want my dog
- The waitress join us for dinner approach
- The point person approach
- The "can I have a bite?" approach
- The power of eavesdropping approach
- The shoe store, shoe grab approach
- The is "pink cute on me?" approach
- The bag of pretzels approach
- The weird-shaped fruit or vegetable approach
- The headphones approach
- The at the gym approach
- The catch approach
- The "what do you see?" artwork approach
- The dance game approach
- The sports team hat or shirt approach
- The Starbucks approach

Other topics include:
- how to segue between topics in a conversation
- How to create intrigue and genuine interest
- The art of connecting with and intriguing women
- How to comfortably get her phone number
- When to call, text, and set up dates
- How to create sexual tension and then keep it going

What You Get:

Download MP3 audio files

Guarantee / Terms:

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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